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Finally a ready to use and affordable Compensation Automation System that understands your language. Requires no setting up and formula. Saves you a ton of effort and money while helping you to shape culture and create employee experience.


Comp360 is a full cycle tool to plan, execute and analyze merit compensation processes with ease and efficiency.

HR First

Comp360 is a super simple, powerful and 100% user driven. It is behaviorally engineered for ease of use, business impact and affordability.


Comp360 is an intelligent aid to plan, execute, analyze and communicate compensation effectively and effortlessly. The features are usable and really help.

Ultra Secure

Comp360 emphasizes data security and policy compliances. Cutting edge design and technology ensures your data remains highly secure at all times.

Context Driven

Comp360 has extensive yet super easy modeling capabilities that ensure your payroll dollars are well spend; no matter how frugal your reward budget is.


Springboards from the collective wisdom of practitioners, Comp360 enables you to reinvent the power of compensation in driving performance and shaping culture.

Honest Pricing

With an honest and transparent, comp360 costs only a fraction of existing solutions. Starting at just 1 GBP this top-notch product cheers your CFO as well.

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Real benefits

Control cost, improve performance and supercharge HR

Comp360 is like no other fuzzy compensation management softwares. Powered by an HR first approach, where technology is driven by functional expertise and behavioral engineering, Comp360 delivers you great value and business impact.

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COMP360 offers three variants to choose from. The pricing is all-inclusive and transparent. If you need assistance, please reach us over phone or email.



Employee/ Month onwards

Go beyond the ordinary to shape culture and drive performance

Everything in Pro

  • Behavioully engineered & nudge based compensation system
  • Accomdates all your unique policy & practices
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Reward expert available for consultation



Employee/ Month

Engineered to solve hard to crack business problems with finesse

Everthing in Ultra-lite +

  • Global currencies
  • Pay for performance simulator
  • Pay gap manager
  • Gender pay gap dashboard
  • Total reward statements
  • Compensation score card
  • Block-chain based system
  • Audit ready



Employee / Month

Full cycle tool to plan, execute and analyze with ease & efficiency

  • Annual & project- based cycles
  • Top -down comp modeling
  • Merit matrix & parity measures
  • Bonus & promotions
  • Protected employee letters
  • Reports and analytics
  • Ultra-secure
  • Instant self onboarding

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